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Sudanese Careers Recruitment Company Ltd.

Company Profile :

Sudanese Careers Recruitment Company was established on Dec. 22. 2007. The goal was to provide skilled and unskilled manpower for land-based & International clients. The company's growth and progress in the manpower business attracted more foreign clients including big companies in Ksa & All Rest of GCC Regions. & Rest Of Middle East Countries & North & East Of Africans Countries.

From then on, Sudanese Careers received numerous awards and recognition from different International Companies & Organizations.

The greatest asset of any organization is its people and the employees it’s self. That's why professional recruitment is of utmost importance.
Recruiting the right people demands trained professionals with rich experience to analyze a "resume" and "read" a candidate during an interview.

Sudanese Careers Recruitment Company has championed the techniques of precise sourcing, screening, short listing and finally placing the right candidates matching the specific job requirements of employers. It is this distinct advantage that has been instrumental in the placement of over 50,000 workers into various companies all over GCC Region & Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia and rest of Middle East Countries.

During the long years Sudanese Careers Recruitment Company employs highly trained Administrative and Marketing personnel having vast experience in finding the perfect solutions to the various recruitment needs of the Employers And Our Companies Clients, Overseas construction and other varied Industries.

The winning & the Vision of strategy of Sudanese Careers to deliver perfect recruitment solutions is a combination of:

  • Understanding our clients’ needs
  • In- depth Industry knowledge
  • Effective Planning
  • Constant research
  • Collaborative Approach
  • Personal attention

Our Main Business Services:
  • Local & Internal Recruitment
  • International Recruitment And Deployment For Foreigners To Come To Join Sudanese Companies In Sudan From Different Countries Like (Philippines & India & Pakistan & Nepal & Sri Lanka & Thailand)
  • Manpower Supply
  • Outsourcing
  • HR Business Outsource
  • Head Hunting
  • Hiring

The successful performance Of Sudanese Careers is reflected in the long list of valued clients that continue using our services with sheer confidence that they best on us right from the foundation to the finishing stages of Every Recruitment Drive.

For the Worker:
Recruitment & Processing
  • Mobilization, sourcing, pooling of applicants based on customer specifications
  • Preliminary screening and testing prior to final selection by the principal or employer
  • Medical and trade test
  • Document processing with the Labor Office and the embassy of the country of destination

  1. Pre-and-Post final interview orientation and meetings,
  2. Pre-departure seminar
  3. In-house training for domestic helpers and caretakers
  4. Email and video services

Aside from the services performed by the company in order to recruit the required worker for the employer, Sudanese Careers provides on-site mediation and grievance handling in cases of misunderstanding between the worker and employer. For the employer or principal

  1. Accommodation, assistance, and travel arrangement for the principal and employer representatives
  2. Email and video services & Video Conference Live Interviews
  3. Assistance during the interview – Sudanese Careers will assist the employer or his representative during the interview with the prospective worker. Company representatives will be there to coordinate all the needs and requirements of the principal/client, from the date of arrival until the departure from the Philippines.
  4. On-site client servicing – A company representative periodically visits the job site to assess other possible services that the company can offer.
  1. Sourcing of applicants through:
    1. PRA – Provincial Recruitment Authority
    2. Newspaper ads
    3. Site sourcing
    4. Referral from deployed workers
  2. Preliminary interview
  3. Preliminary testing or medical check-up
  4. Submission of basic requirements
  5. Final interview
  6. Completion of all requirements
  7. Final medical testing
  8. Processing of papers
    1. Obtaining written contract
    2. Accreditation with the Labor Office
    3. Signing of contract by the selected applicant
    4. Personal appearance of the applicant at the Labor Office
    5. Filing of Visa
  9. Airline booking
  10. Pre-departure orientation
  11. Departure
  12. Post-deployment services for both the worker and the client/employer

We assure you that we can provide you all skills and semi skills for all categories and professionals likewise and of course not limited to that but rest of others professionals and skills. :

  • Medical Staff
  • Engineering’s
  • Telecom
  • Administration
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Air Conditioning Workers
  • Hotel Personnel
  • Mechanical & Auto Workshop Workers
  • Construction Workers
  • Furniture & Interior Decoration Workers
  • Cleaning & Maintenance Workers
  • Oil & Gas
  • Aluminum Workers

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